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'Summer Shading': The Dating Trend All About Embracing Freedom
By Glam Staff
If you had a winter situationship and are looking for a little more freedom this season, try summer shading, a dating trend that allows you to have a commitment-free summer.
"The idea behind summer shading is that people might want to enjoy their freedom and have fun without any attachments during the summer," Wingman founder Tina Wilson told Sylist.
"Then resume their serious relationships in the winter months when the weather starts to turn to autumn and people tend to stay in more," Wilson continued.
If you’re not looking for anything serious, it’s best to just be honest. Wilson tells Stylist that a person should be given the chance to decide if it is okay with them.
If your partner doesn’t want you to hit them up for a few months, respect that. However, if you’re the one being shaded, Wilson says to “move on and don’t rely on them.”