Switch Up Your Go-To Manicure With An Inverted French Mani Look
The inverted French manicure can be stunning, especially if you try it with a lavender cuff painted on natural, short nails. A light shade like lavender is perfect if you love a minimalist manicure with just a hint of color.
Pastel Orange
A pastel orange strip along the cuticle brightens things up and elevates a naturally nude base. This is a color that would look great in the spring or summer, or whenever you need to add a bit of sunshine to your day.
Get Artsy
You don’t have to follow the rules when it comes to an inverted French manicure. Get creative with the trend and make it your own by painting patterns and designs at the cuticle instead of the typical line of polish.
Glitter Cuff
Add a touch of glitter to your inverted French mani with a reflective glitter cuff on a pale, pink base. Instead of a regular shade of polish, a glitter line will make this the understated glamorous manicure you’ve been looking for.
Gold Chrome
Turn your reverse French mani into a showstopper with a gold chrome twist. This manicure is ideal for daily wear, yet striking enough for an evening out, and when you pair it with gold jewelry, the nails make even more of a statement.