Young woman applying makeup with a natural brush, portrait
Synthetic Vs. Natural: When To Use Each Type Of Makeup Brush
How Are They Different?
Natural brushes are often more expensive than their synthetic counterparts because they use animal hair for their soft bristles and seamless blending capabilities. Synthetic brushes are vegan and also typically last longer than natural brushes.
Using Natural Brushes
When using powders, such as setting powder, bronzer, or blush, natural brushes work best. They also work well to soften the sharpness of an eyeshadow edge or add color depth to a crease without creating any unnatural-looking lines or streaks.
Using Synthetic Brushes
Synthetic brushes, often made of nylon or polyester, are a godsend to use with liquid and cream products since they are less likely to shed and are easier to clean than natural hair brushes. They’re also good for drawing crisp lines and adding fine details to eye makeup.
Picking A Good Brush
Instead of stocking up on a bunch of inexpensive brushes, it's smart to invest in five high-quality brushes that may serve several purposes. Look for brushes constructed such that the bristles are strong, well-shaped, and kept in place by a seamless ferrule base that won't wobble or separate.