Taurus: Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Zodiac Sign
The story of Taurus can be traced back to Greek mythology when Zeus became infatuated with the princess of Phoenicia, Europa. He approached her in the form of a white bull and when she mounted his back, he brought her to Crete; happy with his achievement, Zeus placed the image of the bull in the stars.
Personality Traits
Taureans, like the bull, are stubborn, hard-headed, dependable, hardworking, intelligent, relaxed, and sensual. They find their grounding in stability and consistency, and those born under Taurus are also resilient.
Ruling Planet
Taurus is ruled by Venus, which governs everything we know about love, creative passions, satisfaction with everything we do in life, and the things we find beauty in. Without Venus, life would be dull, but some view it as hedonistic because there is no relation to anything philosophical, deep, or ethical.
Fixed Sign
The AstroTwins says that because Taurus falls under the fixed category, it means that they are very “rooted” in everything they do. Since Taurus falls under this category, this is where their desire for routine, security, and grounding comes into play.
Due to Venus’ influence, Taureans are actually very sensual and romantic. They are persistent, and determined, and are ultimately looking for stable, reliable, and faithful partners who they can share life with.