Lip augmentation procedure. Syringe with lips filler near beautiful woman's mouth, injections for increase lips shape
Tear Trough Filler Vs. Botox: The Difference Between The Injectables
Filler Vs. Botox
Tear trough fillers are usually used to add volume in areas that are lacking — such as under the eye, the lips, and to chisel the jaw — and usually costs $684 per syringe. Botox costs around $600 for the full procedure and is used for paralyzing the muscles of the face to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
Which Is Right For Me?
Candidates for Botox include those in their mid-20s to early 30s who want to prevent fine lines, those who already have fine lines but don't want them to get deeper, and those who want to treat certain skin diseases. For a variety of reasons, including aging-related face fat loss and a desire for plumper lips, fillers are a minimally invasive surgery among people of all ages.
Where Do I Go?
When it comes to Botox, fillers, and any other cosmetic procedures out there, you should always consult a professional with practice and experience to back their expertise. Be candid about your personal desires and concerns regarding your face, and allow their advice — and prior research — to guide your decisions.