Woman staring down at her smart phone
Tech-Neck: How Constantly Staring Down At Your Phone May Be Causing Wrinkles
Technology rules the world, so it’s not uncommon to be on your phone, whether it’s to check on messages or keep connected with friends and family. However, looking at your phone may actually cause fine lines and wrinkles in the neck, so here’s what to do about them.
The term “tech-neck” is referred to as cervical kyphosis which is a condition caused by the humpback slouch people develop when they spend too much time looking down at their devices. This movement causes strain on the neck which can lead to back pain, headaches, abnormal curvature of the spine, and wrinkles.
Decreasing the amount of time spent on your phone and holding it at eye level are the best ways to avoid unwanted neck wrinkles and creases. Another great way to deal with neck wrinkles is to use skincare products like peptides, serums, retinol, and sunscreen to prevent them from forming.