The '00s Eyeliner Trend That Is Making A Serious Comeback
Nearly everything from the early 2000s has reemerged to rule everything from fashion to beauty. One of the most iconic eyeliner trends from the Y2K era has resurfaced, and makeup artist Yanni Peña says, “This trend embraces your natural eyelid color and texture,” and “your makeup is supposed to look a little smudgy.”
The waterline eyeliner trend consists of adding more intensity to the bottom of your eye to make it more focused. To make this trend look more modern and elegant, keep your eyeliner strictly to a single, straight line, and to make your eyes pop, even more, add a barely-there smokey eye and winged eyeliner for the ultimate nighttime look.
If you haven’t applied eyeliner to your lower line before, you may need a bit of practice, but curling your lashes and swiping a cotton swab over your lower line to absorb moisture are simple but convenient hacks. The waterline can be a sensitive area because it’s so close to the eye, so avoid liquid eyeliner and opt for a waterproof one that’s safe for the eyes.