The 2023 Beauty Trend You Should Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Aries: Ombré Nails
These trendy ombré nails are perfect for the confident Aries. Try red ombré nails that start with lighter shades of nude or white and end with dark shades of red, or if you’re feeling extra fiery, opt for sunset ombré nails that mix orange, yellow, pink, and red together flawlessly to create the illusion of a sunset on each finger.
Taurus: Glazed Temple
Rocking the glazed temple highlighter trend will give elegant Taureans the chance to take a dewy, glazed complexion to the next level. Add a tiny drop of liquid highlighter to your temples in the area between your outer eye and hairline to look glossy and hydrated — just make sure not to overdo it.
Gemini: Bleached Brows
Geminis are spontaneous and adventurous, which is why bleached eyebrows are the perfect beauty trend for Geminis in 2023. Showing up to an event with bleached brows will leave everyone stunned, and it allows others to admire the entirety of your face without having to shave off your brows completely.
Cancer: Mermaid Braid
Since Cancers connect with water in a special way, the beauty trend that suits them best is the mermaid braid hairstyle. When starting your mermaid braid, section your hair in a teardrop formation over the crown of your head and secure it in a ponytail, braid accordingly, and then pull at each section to add a bit of texture.
Leo: Colorful Eyeliner
Colorful eyeliner is a great beauty trend for Leos since it lets them express their artistic side, and wearing bright colors can boost your mood and showcase just how fun you are. It takes a ton of confidence to rock a trend like this, but Leos don’t feel the need to hide behind simple black eyeliner.