The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Cheaters
Libras are super flirty, enjoy receiving positive attention, and don’t like feeling lonely, so they may stray if they aren’t getting what they want. Libras also don’t like fighting, so they might find cheating the easy way out, and they aren’t one to hold back when an attractive person comes their way.
Astrologer Clarisse Monohan says Aries “has an extremely high sex drive, and also has a tendency to get bored easily,” so if your partner has a higher sex drive than you, you’ll want to get on the same page. Aries also love to party, so one too many drinks at a party, and they might start making out with someone else.
Geminis have a lot of trouble making decisions, making them less likely to commit to a monogamous relationship than some other zodiac signs. Moreover, they’re super smart and charming so they might use those qualities to come up with believable excuses or convince you that they’re being faithful.