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The Adverse Effects Dry Shampoo May Be Having On Your Hair And Scalp
Clogging And Scalp Damage
Frequently using dry shampoo may cause folliculitis, a condition where your hair follicles become clogged and inflamed, resulting in uncomfortable, itchy, scaly, pimple-like symptoms. "It can aggravate other conditions, like Demodex (human hair mites) or seborrheic dermatitis if they are already present," revealed William Gaunitz, a certified trichologist.
Hair Breakage
Overuse of dry shampoo can also cause hair breakage and potential hair fall. As dermatologist Dr. Sherry Ingraham states, "If you put too much hair powder on every day, your hair can become thick and sticky and brittle, and actual friction can occur between the hair and cause breakage."
Carcinogenic Chemical
70% of dry shampoo products on the shelves today contain benzene, a carcinogenic chemical. While the amount of benzene varies depending on the product or label you’re using, the fact that you may come in contact with a potentially cancer-causing ingredient every time you use your dry shampoo is a cause for concern.
DIY Dry Shampoo
You can try the DIY natural dry shampoo by mixing corn starch, baking soda, and cacao powder for brunette roots — skip this ingredient if you have blonde or light hair. A slight dusting of cornstarch is also an effective dry shampoo alternative, especially if you have light-colored hair; however, for those with super oily hair, a cornstarch hair mask should do the trick.