Close up of a woman using a mascara wand on her thick, luscious eyelashes
The Average Length Of Time Eyelashes Take To Grow Back
Like the hair on our head, eyelashes have a natural growth cycle, since they grow and fall out every day. However, if you’re losing more than two to five lashes per day, there might be another reason at play like alopecia, thyroid disease, cancer, certain infections, and blepharitis (inflammation of the eye.)
Depending on the way that the eyelash fell out, the length of time to grow back will vary. If the loss is due to trichotillomania, thyroid disease, or chemotherapy it can take up to two months for them to fully regrow while issues that didn’t cause damage to the follicle, take as little as six weeks to regrow.
When working on regrowing the lashes, avoid curling them, keeping your makeup on too long, and wearing fake lashes. See your doctor if you are interested in a growth serum prescription for your lashes, as most over-the-counter alternatives are not very effective.