The Benefits Of A Chic Oval Layer Haircut
The oval layer haircut is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a sleek new change but doesn't want anything too severe. The haircut will keep your locks blunt in the back, but add flattering layers in the front that frame your facial features to mimic an oval shape, hence its "oval" name.
TikTok users are getting excited about this cut, with various videos showcasing the oval cut on straight, wavy, and curly hair. For instance, @latasia_salon, as seen in the picture above, posted a video of a client flaunting her bouncy, shiny dark tresses with oval layers, tempting viewers to try this haircut, too.
If you don't want full-on short hair or overly intense layers, the oval layer cut is a convenient option for you to try lighter-feeling layers without having to change the back of your hair. Therefore, an oval layer cut is likely your best bet if you want your hair to feel a bit lighter without a complete transformation.