Beautiful young woman applies collagen lips patch
The Benefits Of Lip Masks Go Beyond Moisturizing
Restore and Rejuvenate
Lip balm provides temporary comfort, but lip masks are meant to rejuvenate and hydrate your lips for a longer period of time. Using lipsticks or tinted lip products can dry out your lips, so the more you keep your lips hydrated, the more you can use any lip product.
Reduce Hyperpigmentation
Regular lip masks can moisturize and plump the lips, but there are also lip-plumping masks that contain collagen, which provides lips an extra boost and tingling feeling. Also, they can treat any discoloration or marks you have on your lips and lessen hyperpigmentation.
How To Apply A Lip Mask
Disposable gel masks can be applied during the day or right before you go to sleep for 15 to 20 minutes, but can only be used once. Leave-on lip masks resemble a lip balm and can be reapplied all day when you feel your lips dry or right before you go to sleep—they also often work faster than gel masks.