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The Benefits Of Using A Concealer That Has A Metal Applicator
Recently, some beauty brands have begun to outfit their liquid concealers with metal applicators. The potential results not only look good but can also give the eyes a boost.
While some applicators tend to use more product than necessary, metal applicators do a great job of depositing just the right amount of concealer to get the job done.
If you need extra coverage, you can keep adding layers to the area without making unnecessary waste. It will provide a natural finish without appearing too thick or cakey.
Metal applicators are also effective at cooling and de-puffing the eyes, as the metal itself is always cool. This is because metal conducts heat and draws it away from the surface.
The metal most often used in cosmetic tools is a mix of alloys like zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. This combination is known as Zamac (aka Zamak).
If you really love your current cosmetic products, a different option is to purchase reusable metal applicators independent of a product.