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The Benefits Of Using White Concealer Over One That Matches Your Skin Tone
While white concealer may seem frightening due to worries that it would leave a white cast on your face, it is a valuable product that can create a great makeup look and remove the worry of selecting the perfect shade of concealer. It can also unify all the uses of other various concealer products, but you still may not want to toss
your regular concealer entirely.
White concealers can fulfill many roles in your routine: it can help with under-eye discoloration and brightening dark circles, it can stand in for your regular eye primer and give eyeshadow
an extra pop, and it can also cover blemishes and small wrinkles. If you’re going for a natural look and want to add more light and glow to your face, white concealer is a must-have.
White concealer can be applied like any other concealer; for eyeshadow primer, dab the product onto your finger and blend it on your eyelids, and for brightening up skin, add a few dots over your foundation. You can also opt to mix white concealer with your foundation if you want to lighten up your overall shade a bit.