Young graceful woman with stylish makeup looks into the camera. She stands in the bright sunbeam and touches her face tenderly. Girl wears golden jewelry with emeralds.
The Best Bang Styles For A Round Face
Do you have a shorter face length, wide cheekbones, an evenly wide forehead and jawline, and soft lines rather than sharp angles? If so, you can count yourself among gorgeous celebrities with a round face shape, such as Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, and Kirsten Dunst.
Curtain Bangs
If you want to add more dimension to your round face, curtain bangs will help you. Curtain bangs are relatively easy to style, only require maintenance trims every two or two-and-a-half months, and they’re easy to grow out if you ever decide you're over them.
Side Bangs
Regardless of your style, gentle, fringey bangs swept to one side look beautiful on soft, round faces. If you've always wanted a longer face, side bangs can help create the illusion of that extra length you desire.
Micro Bangs
The baby bangs trend isn't everyone's cup of tea due to its super short, unapologetically bold style, but it's super fun, and people with round faces can pull it off. These cheek-enhancing bangs require very little styling so they’ll look neat and polished each morning.
Ultra-long Bangs
On the other hand, bangs with extra length are flattering on round faces too, and parting them to the slide will make your face seem longer. Long bangs are sophisticated and stylish for any occasion and are lower maintenance than most other bang styles since you won't have to get them trimmed all the time.