The Best Hack For Rocking A Claw Clip If You Have Fine Hair
It seems as if the claw clip trend has a hold on everyone with long, voluminous hair. However, those with fine hair may have trouble with this trend, because their hair may look too thin or limp with a claw clip.
TikTok creator @alyssaarayelee created a hack for those with fine hair by her parting her hair in half horizontally at the top of her ears, securing it with an elastic hair tie, and pulling the hair halfway through to create a loose bun. Next, she does the same to the bottom section and secures the claw clip under the bottom bun so both are sitting on top.
You can also use only the top half of the hair with a claw clip for a half-up hairstyle. A clip with rubber or some texture will work best with fine hair and avoid wide-toothed clips so the hair doesn’t slip through.