Girl with long blonde hair and a black bow
The Best Hairstyles For Poker-Straight Hair
Soft Wand Waves
Natural-looking waves still look good when they come undone. Start by waving or curling your hair, spraying it with a holding formula, then brushing it out.
Slicked-Back Bun
Pull it all back into a sleek bun with hair products to prevent flyaway strands. Add personality with hair clips around the bun for a bold look and reinforcement.
Blow-Dry Inward
Use a blow dryer to flick your hair toward your face for shape and volume. This works great for a lob or bob, but it looks just as pretty at the ends of longer hair.
Add A Bow
Accessorize super-straight hair with a satin bow. Put your hair into your go-to ponytail or bun and tie in the ribbon at the base.
Pull Half Back
A good trick for giving hair more body is to concentrate all of it in one area. To achieve this, pull half of your hair away from your face and secure it in the back.