A woman dots concealer under her eyes
The Best Tips For Applying Concealer To Brighten Deep-Set Eyes
It's common for many individuals with deep-set eyes to struggle with hiding unwanted dark circles, but these are four of the best tips to brighten stubborn shadows.
Dermatologic surgeon Dendy Engelman says addressing dehydration in the under-eye area improves the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and signs of aging.
Apply a brightening eye cream or blurring primer and allow it to fully absorb before using a color corrector. Use a peach tone for lighter skin and a rich orange for deeper skin.
It is crucial to find the right concealer shade. Makeup artist Taylor Haupt tells Well + Good that she recommends going two shades lighter than the foundation color.
Watery or thin concealers will not provide much coverage, so look for one that has hydration but still feels buildable to cover hyperpigmentation effectively under the eyes.
To avoid creasing throughout the day, apply a small amount of setting powder with a damp blender, let it sit, then brush away the excess before applying concealer.
Working with products around the eyes requires specific tools to avoid irritating and tugging the thin stretch of skin. Use your fingers or a small fluffy brush for blending.