The Best Ways To Tell If You Are Truly Happy
Celebrating Others’ Wins
Happy people naturally know how to celebrate others’ wins because they know they’re succeeding in their own right, too. However, if you instantly feel annoyed at them for doing something you haven't been able to, then you probably have some inner work to do.
Bouncing Back Quickly
Everyone in life deals with setbacks; it simply comes down to how you respond to those setbacks, and how quickly you're able to bounce back afterward. No matter what goes wrong in your life, your reaction to setbacks is what matters the most.
Filled With Gratitude
If you’re a happy person, you’re probably filled with an abundance of gratitude for everything in life. A great tip for people trying to become happier is to start writing gratitude lists on a daily basis of all the good things you have going on in the present.
Pursuing Your Passions
Happy people would rather pursue their passions without knowing how things will work out, than stay stuck in a boring or unsatisfying situation. If you’re unable to follow your passions due to a fear of failure, remember that you’ll always fail if you never try.
Loving Your Lifestyle
When you love the lifestyle you're currently living, it means that you're at peace with all aspects of your life — your daily activities, your job, the people around you, and where you live. If that’s not the case, take the reins and shape your life to look the way you want it to.