A bezel-setting engagement ring and band
The Bezel-Setting Engagement Ring Trend Is Perfect For The Sophisticated Bride
A bezel setting features a center stone set snugly inside a rim that keeps the jewel in place without prongs, giving a contemporary look with a classic twist.
While all bezel rings include the necessary rim, there are a variety of styles. A partial bezel extends around only some areas of the jewel, with gaps for a unique look.
Double Band
A chic double band can be thin or thick and made of pure metal like gold. The bands can also feature smaller stones like diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires.
Versatile bezel settings suit various stone shapes, including stunning hexagons with equal or varied side lengths. They can also stand alone or with a halo setting.
With a bezel setting’s support, you can opt for a unique design like a half-moon. It is gorgeous alone or combined with another half on your wedding day.
Bezel settings can be rather fierce with an edgy placement, unusual stone, or sharp angles. It can also be the crown in a line of stacked rings, added on special occasions.
Anchoring the center aesthetically, the distinctive rim around a trio of jewels is a fantastic option for matching stones or with a center diamond and colored gems.