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The Big Differences Between Being Open And Genuinely Vulnerable
Being Vulnerable
In "Braving the Wilderness," vulnerability is defined as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure, which may seem like a weakness but is actually a call to courage. Vulnerability often shows up in relationships and intimacy, and being vulnerable can save a failing relationship by having an honest conversation about feelings.
Open Vs Vulnerable
Being open involves sharing information with others while being vulnerable involves exposing one's emotions and inner feelings. In relationships, it's important to gauge the level of trust before deciding to be vulnerable, while being open can be done in more surface-level relationships.
Vulnerable In The Workplace
Sharing your deepest feelings and emotions may not be appropriate in the workplace, but being open about your needs and boundaries is important for a work-life balance. Advocating for yourself and voicing your concerns to your boss and co-workers can prevent burnout and ensure a healthy relationship with your job.