Portrait of beautiful young woman with make-up
The Blush And Highlighter Hack That Ups The Glow Factor Of Your Look
Glowing makeup styles are trending right now and while they’re usually achieved with a creamy blush and highlighter combination, poor placement of the products can leave your face looking sunburnt and sweaty. Luckily, there’s a blush and highlighter hack that only takes a few seconds and guarantees a perfect highlight every time.
The arrow application method is a simple way of applying your blush and highlighter in the shape of an arrow. Use a cream highlighter to draw a curved line extending from the top of your cheekbones to your temples, and then use a cream blush to draw the tip of the arrow pointing toward your cheek before you blend it out.
If you aren't sure of where to place the curved line of highlighter, think of the parts of your cheeks that naturally reflect light — this is where you want the bottom of your highlighter line to start. As you bring the line up your face, try to stop it around where your brow bone sticks out; you can also spread it out over your eyelids for a subtle eye shimmer.
For a perfect look, put on a moisturizing primer before applying makeup, and use a good blush brush with dense, soft hairs to lightly spread the product on your skin. Depending on the shape of your face, you can apply blush to the center of your cheeks and closer to your nose to soften your face's angles, and apply the highlighter on the facial features you'd like to emphasize.