a mature woman applying bronzer to her face with a makeup brush
The Bronzer Swap That Makes Warming Mature Skin A Breeze
Liquid, cream, and powder bronzers are great for giving skin a sun-kissed glow, but as skin matures, you will need to adjust what kind of products you’re using.
You may notice that bronzer accentuates your fine lines and wrinkles as you age. This is because some bronzers have a shimmer effect that draws attention to the skin's texture.
Instead of using bronzer, opt for a warm-toned foundation that is darker than your natural complexion to achieve a beautiful, bronzed look.
A hydrating liquid foundation will work best on mature skin because a powder foundation will sink into lines and wrinkles.
Full-coverage foundation can look harsh on the skin, so use a light to medium coverage that has ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C as they are great for glowy skin.