The Chic Updo Every Girl With Short Hair Will Want To Master
Although the bob is a fantastic cut, it can be tough to find an updo style that will work with shorter-length hair. Enter the only look you need to know about: the loaded topknot. This updo is easy to pull off and simultaneously appears chic and effortless.
For this half-up/half-down style, you want to put up the loaded topknot when your hair is dry and hairstylist Ted Gibson suggests, "Day-old hair will add great texture to this look." Gather the dry hair along the top of your head — about four fingers wide — and pull or brush it back into a half-pony.
Once you have your half-pony in hand, how you style it from there is your choice. You could braid it to give it a nice textured look before looping it into a topknot or even tease it a bit if you're looking for an edgy, disheveled appearance before affixing it with the hair elastic of your choice.