The Claw Clip Hack That Will Make You A Believer In The '90s Trend
A claw clip can elevate your hairstyle and bring out your inner Y2K by pairing the clip with mini hoops. The ‘90s were all about the French twist, and Gen Z’ers seem to love this trend because it’s all over TikTok, including a video by Molly Fritz.
Fritz explains the trick is to use one hand to pull your hair back as if you’re tying a low ponytail, then face your other hand backward and upside down. Next, use your pointer finger and thumb to create a loop around the hair, then pull the hair upwards, twisting it while wrapping it around your thumb, and clip the claw on.
Get a set of four colorful claw clips on Amazon for only $12, but if you’re looking for something more elegant, pearlescent tortoise shell claw clips are available on Etsy. Embellishments like pearls, rhinestones, and crystals can up the glam factor while keeping your hair out of your face all day long.