The Complete Guide To 2023's New Moons And How They'll Affect You
January: Snow Moon
2023 will kick off with its first full moon in Aquarius on January 21, so expect to find Aquarians doing all things humanitarian-related. Aquarians love helping others and creating art, so in the full spirit of this air sign, try out local volunteer work or create a new art piece out of household objects.
February: Worm Moon
On February 20, there will be a Full Worm Moon, typically associated with rebirth and new life due to the earthworms that begin to emerge as temperatures rise. This new moon will take place in Pisces, and to hone in on their vibes, try fantasizing and daydreaming in a heavenly bubble bath.
March: Pink Moon
Beginning on March 23, 2023, the Pink Moon rises, symbolizing the pink phlox starting to grow along the hills and valleys, signaling the start of springtime. This moon will be in the competitive and driven Aries, so dive into their energy during the New Pink Moon by taking charge, such as voicing your opinions and being fearless.
April: Flower Moon
The New Flower Moon also takes place in Aries on April 20, and this moon symbolizes more plants and flowers popping up as the weather is slowly breaking. Tune into Aries’ energy by taking part in outdoor activities, like tennis or jogging with a friend.
May: Strawberry Moon
To reap the most benefit from the new moon in Taurus’ house on May 19, try savoring life's more humble pleasures, like taking notice of the delicate notes of flavor within the foods you're eating. Or, take a nature hike and breathe in the scents of the earth while absorbing all of the sounds and sights around you.