Woman with curly hair covering her face
The Curly Hair Benefits Of Mongongo Oil
Look Fresh
Curly hair will start to dry out and frizz due to low sebum after a few days; sebum is a natural, oily substance that moisturizes the scalp and hair shaft. With the curled structure of curly hair, sebum has a harder time reaching the hair shaft, so mongongo oil replaces the lost oil by forming a protective barrier.
Wash & Go
A good hair day might happen after you’ve washed it so you’ll be tempted to wash it often, but it will lead to dryness. It’s important to have good hair products that will help maintain your hair for longer and just a few drops of mongongo oil can protect the hair, minimize the damage from repeated washing, and give you that newly styled shine.
Hold Your Curls
You don’t have to wet your hair every day to maintain your curls like you want to. Use mongongo oil to add nutrients and moisture because this will energize and strengthen days-old curls, give more structure to those frizzies, and make life just a little easier.