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The Dark Planet Pluto Can Tell Us A Lot About Our Subconscious
In Astrology
Pluto creates change akin to the awe-inspiring phoenix rising from the ashes, captivating life with transformation that can direct energy and innermost desires, providing experiences that will reveal who you are meant to become. If you feel like you’re on the brink of massive change, then Pluto may be exerting its energy and driving you to endure it.
Sometimes called the dark planet, Pluto has energy that is received as you perceive it, meaning that if you have an open mindset to transformation, you can see what lessons this planet can teach you. Pluto encourages you to listen to your inner voice and embrace the person you wish to be, sometimes revealing secrets you don’t even realize exist.
Mindfulness is a great tool to use during this time, and refraining from resisting big, sometimes tough changes and validating your feelings and experiences will allow you to positively lean into the transformation. Pluto wants for you to embrace your courage, resilience, and vulnerability as you navigate the endings and rebirths in your life.