The Dating Red Flags That Each Zodiac Sign Shouldn't Ignore
Arians are some of the most ambitious and hard-working members of the zodiac, so they need a partner who can match that ambition. Being with someone who doesn't care about self-improvement isn’t attractive to Aries in any way.
Taureans are calm, cool, and collected, and tend to be very relaxed in stressful situations. That’s why a lack of patience is a huge red flag for Taurus; they hate feeling pressured, and don’t need any unnecessary difficulties.
Geminis enjoy getting to know someone before committing to a relationship, so they should avoid people who want to commit too quickly. Since Geminis are so susceptible to change, jumping too fast into a relationship can be a huge mistake.
As arguably the most emotional member of the zodiac, Cancers aren’t known for bottling up their emotions. They expect the same from their partner, so they should avoid people who lack emotional maturity and can’t thoughtfully express their feelings.
Leos can be put into almost any social situation and come out with new friends. It simply wouldn’t make sense for a Leo to date an antisocial person, since whoever a Leo chooses to commit to should be equally comfortable socializing.