woman close-up with green eyes
The Disadvantages Of Having Green Eyes, According To An Ophthalmologist
Dr. John T. Lind, associate professor of ophthalmology at the Indiana University School of Medicine, spoke with Glam about the drawbacks of green eyes.
The only thing setting green eyes apart from blue or brown ones is the amount of dark pigment in the iris, but it can play a significant role in eye health.
Dr. Lind says due to their light color, green eyes are more susceptible to some severe health conditions, like ocular melanoma and other types of skin cancer.
Macular degeneration is another condition that may occur more often in people with green eyes. This disease affects the retina and can result in a loss of central vision.
If you notice your eyes vary in color or change tint over time, Dr. Lind suggests visiting an eye care professional to rule out serious conditions.
Green-eyed people may feel easily blinded by the sun and other bright lights. "Patients with lighter colored irides tend to be more light sensitive," Dr. Lind says.
Dr. Lind advises regular checkups, adding, "This is perhaps more important in patients with green eyes due to the increased risks of eye-related and systemic associations."
Just as SPF is necessary, UVA and UVB-blocking sunglasses are must-haves for your eyes. Dr. Lind also urges exercising regularly, following a balanced diet, and avoiding smoking.