Closeup of a woman applying pink lip gloss to her lips
The Douyin Makeup Trend Promotes Soft Femininity, And We're Here For It
Those of us in the Western world watch for beauty trends on TikTok, but Chinese social media users turn to a similar video-based app called Douyin for their style tips. The ultrafeminine “Douyin makeup” has taken the world by storm and emphasizes techniques that aren’t typically found in Western beauty tutorials.
Flushed Douyin Lips
While some Douyin lip styles aim to conceal and refine portions of the lips for a crisper outline, others utilize a gradient effect that overlines the borders. Some of the most commonly used shades in Asian beauty tutorials include corals, pinks, and deep berry hues, but you can use whichever color you like.
Aegyo Sal Highlighter
Aegyo sal, one of the most popular K-beauty eye looks around, is a trend that emphasizes under-eye creases with extra shadow and highlighter for a more pronounced crease. Consider using a pressed or liquid eye highlighter or glitter to accentuate the center of your undereye crease for extra dimension.
Dimensional Douyin Blush
Although nose blush has become an increasingly common theme in Western makeup, Douyin blush is also applied on several other areas, like the under eyes and chin. Liquid, cream, and powder blushes are very popular, and don’t be afraid to play with color or intensity.