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The Early '00s Jean Trend Making A 2023 Comeback
Sparkly Swirls
Bedazzled jeans can be really fun depending on the design of your gemstones. When gorgeous sparkling crystals are placed in the perfect positions to create a line of swirls on at least one of your pant legs, it gives off a youthful, playful, and energetic vibe.
Starry Night
There is something so magical and calming about gazing at a pitch-black night sky filled with shining stars. For this reason, rocking a pair of dark black jeans covered in small, sparkly crystals will give the same vibe.
Bedazzled Pockets
When you choose to wear bedazzled jeans, it doesn't mean that they need to be covered in gemstones from top to bottom. You can opt for some bedazzled pockets and that’s all you’ll need to make a statement without going overboard.
Distressed & Dazzling
Distressed jeans are already dazzling in their own way because they give off a combination of rocker and grunge vibes. If you want to turn up those vibes, you can add some sparkling rhinestones to the mix.
Rhinestone Fringe
When you think of fringe, you’re probably thinking about shredded fabric and not rhinestones. However, wearing jeans with a rhinestone fringe shows that you’re ready to stand out no matter where you go.