a woman using metal tweezers to pluck her eyebrows
The Easiest Face Lifting Eyebrow Tail Trick
A trending DIY eyebrow trick on TikTok involves removing the tails of your eyebrows to help brighten the eyes and enhance natural contours, which packs a big impact.
In a short clip shared by TikTok user @jasminereneeaiello, her face is immediately transformed in tone, angles, lines, and overall aura through the removal of her eyebrow tails.
In the comment section, she said she achieved the straight-brow look gradually over four years by letting hair grow underneath and plucking the ends.
Plucking eyebrow strands in an upward motion creates a straight vertical line, which visually increases the space between the brow’s outer edges and the eye’s outer corners.
Keep in mind that this look may not be right for everyone’s goals and face shape. Straight eyebrows work best with heart, round, and oval-shaped faces.