The Easiest Way To Ensure You Keep Up Your Workout Routine All Winter
If working out is a New Year’s resolution, winter doesn't have to derail your workout plans entirety. With some simple adjustments, you can ensure that 2023 will be the year you see progress and improvements in your fitness health, and well-being.
Avoid the harsh weather these winter months by moving your workout indoors, but if you’re a runner and don’t own a treadmill, personal trainer Karisa Karmali suggests, “do squats (regular or sumo for a wider stance) and do them more rapidly to get your heart rate up.” If you normally work indoors, try to get to the gym for a healthy change of scenery.
Stay motivated by finding a workout buddy or group that can hold you accountable, and don’t be afraid to look on social media or ask people you already know to join you. If you’re someone who works out in the dark, wear some form of high-visibility clothing so you are more visible to others.