group of colorful chopped lipsticks against a white background
The Easiest Way To Fix A Broken Tube Of Lipstick
How to Fix Melted Lipstick
Hold a lighter a few inches away from the broken portion of lipstick for up to 10 seconds. Once the piece is gooey but not fully liquid, place it back on top of the remaining lipstick in the tube. Allow it to cool down to completely meld together.
Repurpose Broken Lipstick
If the first trick doesn’t work, gather as much product as you can, melt it completely, and pour it back into the lipstick tube. Or you can pour it into a small container and add additional ingredients, such as fragrance, castor oil, and petroleum jelly, to turn it into a tinted lip balm or blush.
Heat as a Stain Remover
Heat can also be used to clean lipstick stains. The pigment can be removed from clothing by sprinkling baking soda or cornstarch on the area and using an iron over the other side to remove the stain from the fibers.