elegant girl posing in black suit and classic trench coat, on grey
The Easiest Way To Style Your Favorite Trench Coat
Cozy Pants & Sneakers
While trench coats can make any outfit look fancy, they aren’t just reserved for formal occasions. Dress your trench coat down for a chill day by pairing it with your favorite sweatpants, joggers, yoga pants, or leggings and sneakers.
Jeans & Neutral Top
You can’t go wrong by combining wardrobe staples like a trench coat, denim jeans, and a neutral top. Wearing your favorite trench coat with jeans and a cute basic top creates an effortless outfit with a chic, minimalistic vibe.
Trench coats tend to be minimalistic, but if that’s not your style, try pairing a classic gray, white, or black coat with neon pants or a bright top. A trench coat featuring neon clothing underneath is a bold outfit that will never be boring.
Add Accessories
Trench coats are so versatile that you can easily make them look cute and quirky. Take inspiration from TikTok’s frazzled English woman trend and pair your brown trench coat with offbeat accessories, like a colorful scarf or vibrant hat.
Pastel & Monochromatic
A pastel trench coat makes a playful statement and wearing white, black, beige, or gray outfits underneath will keep the focus on your coat. The combination of the pastel coat and a monochromatic neutral outfit also provides balance and contrast.