French manicured nails - isolated on white with nice shadows to make it more contrastedTrue professional manicure - absolutely flawless. Shot on location at the nail studio.
The Easy French Manicure Hack That You'll Only Need A Silicone Sponge For
One nail hack video uploaded by nail artist Sara Cady quickly gained millions and millions of views on TikTok, and for good reason. It’s a tutorial for a clever trick that makes tackling the classic French manicure much easier, and all you need is a silicone beauty sponge to try this simple technique yourself.
For this hack, you’ll need nail polish and a silicone sponge — this can be like the one used to apply makeup, or you can use a silicone stamper meant specifically for nails. Simply apply nail polish to the surface of the silicone, then dip your nail into the polish and quickly press it forward to create a perfectly curved shape at the tip of your nail.
Silicone sponges are the best tool for this technique since, unlike porous sponges, they won’t leave you with an unwanted texture, and they can be used to apply multiple products. After you perfect your French manicure, you can try some other sponge techniques like the marble smoosh, sunburn smoosh, and abstract smoosh.