The Easy Hack To Prevent Frizz When Straightening Your Natural Hair
Sometimes it’s nice to change up your hairstyle a bit and straightening it might be the best option. However, there is likely the problem of frizz to deal with, but we’ve got you covered on how to prevent it, so you can achieve your best shiny, straight do.
The commerce editor of Glamour, Shanna Shipin, says it’s important to brush your hair in the shower and not afterward. Combing your hair in the shower helps prevent frizz and will make it easier to finger comb because your strands are softened by conditioner and are less tangled.
There are products you can use to avoid frizz like heat protectant sprays; while they are formulated to be used before straightening, they work to limit frizz and flyaways. You can also consider styling tools like straighteners that are better suited to control frizz.