a woman filling in her eyebrows with a pencil
The Easy TikTok Trick For The Perfect Eyebrow Shape
TikTok is full of ideas for using eyebrow pencils to accentuate your brows. One hack that stands out involves using the pencil to outline the brows with dots, followed by lines.
By strategically placing a few dots in key points on your eyebrows, you can create perfectly sculpted eyebrows without using expensive stencils or products.
Beauty TikToker @bettycastillo34 shared a video of herself using this hack. She starts by adding a tiny dot to the top and bottom of the inner-facing end of the eyebrow.
She added another dot toward the middle of the brow and one more at the brow’s ending tail. Then, she connected the dots with lines to give a sharp look.
Finally, she colored in the space between the lines at the tail-end and used a spoolie to blend the rest toward the tip of the eyebrow.
For a different spin on this technique, use TikToker Shelena Clark’s three-dot strategy. She applies the first dot at the inner end of the brow and another in line with her pupil.
She applied the third dot at the tail end of the brow before connecting the dots and coloring them using a spoolie. She traced her brows with concealer to complete the look.
For this technique, find a reliable eyebrow pencil, like the NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Powder Pencil with a built-in spoolie that costs under $10 at Walmart.
If you’re willing to splurge, opt for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil, which also features a spoolie. It costs under $25 at Sephora and has a 4.4 out of 5 stars.