Young woman applying eyeshadow, eyes closed, close-up.
The Eye Makeup Mistakes That May Be Making You Look Older
1. Using Too Much Eyeliner
Avoid looking older by applying eyeliner sparingly. Choose a shape that suits your eyes, and for something like a cat eye, make sure the thickest part is on the outer corner.
You can also try a no-eyeliner look or tightlining your eyes. Another way to wear eyeliner without adding years to your face is by using liquid eyeliner to draw super-thin lines.
2. Wearing Dark Eyeliner
Another culprit for aging our faces is wearing eyeliner that's too dark. Replace the black liner with a color that's closer to your eyeshadow, or use navy, brown, or gray.
If you've got a bold lip or are wearing contour, wear a lighter liner so you can keep your youthful appearance while still being able to define your eyes or rock a wing.
3. Overdrawing Brows
Overdrawing your brows can instantly age you. To avoid this, always use your natural brow shape as a stencil, and swap out brow pencils and pomades for brow pens and gels.
4. Making Brows Too Dark
Dark brows can add years to your face, so it’s best to use a product that's either the same shade or just a shade or two darker than your natural brow color.
Avoid filling your brows too darkly by ignoring trends in products. Many brow products come in a limited shade range, and if a new product doesn't match your brows, don't buy it.
5. Using Too Much Concealer
When too much is applied, concealer looks heavy and creases throughout the day, making you look older. Always apply a light layer of concealer and blend it out before adding more.
Apply concealer with a brush instead of a wand, as this will help you use less product. You can also replace the concealer with an under-eye brightener for a more natural look.