The Eyeliner Hack Perfect For Mastering A No-Makeup Makeup Look
Makeup enhances your natural beauty which is why so many people prefer light makeup, whether you only add a cream blush or a pop of color to the lips. There’s nothing natural about a winged cat eye or smoked-out lower lash time, but this hack is guaranteed to make your eyes pop.
Brought to us by Nykita Joy on TikTok, she shows herself coating a thick and messy layer on the bottom and top lash line with black eyeliner to give the appearance of full lashes. Then, she washes it off and is left with a naturally defined lash line; the key is not being afraid to be messy with the eyeliner.
For those who love a subtle makeup look, this is an incredibly easy and effective way to enhance your eyes, and TikTok user, @fauxnicolerose, praises this hack by saying, “I have nothing on my face, and it just looks like I have insanely dark lashes.” Beginner and advanced makeup users can do this trick because you don’t have to worry about precision.