Beautiful woman with red eyeshadow
The Eyeshadow Tips That Will Give You The Appearance
Of Bigger Eyes
It's no surprise that people are wired to be drawn to big eyes, and for those who are born with big eyes, one glide of eyeliner is all it takes to make the eyes pop significantly. If you're endowed with shallow or hooded eyes, you can still make them look bigger and brighter with these eyeshadow hacks.
Popping shimmer onto your upper and lower eyelids and the inner corners not only gives your eyes a youthful glow, but it also lends your eyes extra dimension and makes them pop at a cellular level. The reason for this is that shimmer shadows reflect light and look stunning under low lighting, giving the impression that your eyes are bigger than they are.
Another popular method for widening the eyes is cut-crease eyeshadow. Use a close skin tone eyeshadow as a base first, then a dark brown eyeshadow just below the brow bone, softening it with a layer of concealer, and then, wing out the concealer with an angled brush in the direction of the brow's tails to truly make your eyes pop.