Couple embracing at train station, man lifting woman off the ground
The Five Love Languages: Everything You Need To Know
Physical Touch
This love language — touch between two people — is often mistaken as being exclusive to sexual intimacy, but it’s not. If you show affection with hugs or reach out to touch a friend’s hand who is going through a rough time this may signify that your love language is touch.
Quality Time
Spending time with the people in your life is a necessary part of building close relationships. Knowing how quality time ranks among the other love languages for you and your loved ones can help you improve your relationships — finding friends who also see quality time as important is helpful.
Acts Of Service
Acts of Service focuses on the practical things you can do to show someone you love them. While it doesn’t mean being at there beck and call, little gestures like bringing them a cup of coffee in the morning to helping with dishes after dinner are great ways to show you care.
Words Of Affirmation
Words, especially when they come from people you love, have the power to heal and affirm you, but they can also really hurt. It’s especially important to speak carefully and with intention to the people in your life who value words of affirmation.
For people who love gift-giving, even the smallest trinkets mean the world, especially when they’re unexpected. There’s no need to max out your credit card to show you love them, but when you see something that reminds you of them, it’ll mean the world to them when they receive it.