Multiple colors of nail polish that are opened and laying on a white background
The Foolproof Way To
Prevent Bubbles
When Painting
Your Nails
Manicures add an extra sense of elegance and sophistication to your look, whether you want to show off your lively side with bright and vibrant colors, your edgy side with black nail polish, or your simple side with a French set. The only thing that could actually stand between you and your lovely nails are those dreadful bubbles that can appear.
The first step to getting rid of bubbles is to get rid of any oils or moisture on your nails by using nail polish remover and washing your hands with soap and water. Another way to avoid bubbles is to apply thin layers of nail polish, as thick layers can trap air, and make sure each layer is completely dry before applying the next one.
Cap the tips of your nails with each layer to prevent air from getting under the polish, and gently shake the nail polish bottle before using it to avoid introducing air bubbles into the polish from the get go. Applying a base coat can also help prevent bubbles since it creates a flat surface for the polish to cling to, preventing air from getting trapped and resulting in bubbles.