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The Four
Stages Of Your Menstrual Cycle And What
They Mean
Menstrual Phase
The menstruation phase is when your period starts and the lining of the uterus is shed, since it isn’t needed to support a pregnancy. During this time, it’s good to get lots of rest, and to replenish your body with iron-rich foods like leafy green vegetables and dark chocolate.
Follicular Phase
During the follicular phase, follicle-stimulating hormone is released, and tells the ovaries to produce follicles containing immature eggs. People have renewed energy during this part of the cycle, and creative projects are likely to be most successful when tackled at this time.
Ovulatory Phase
Ovulation typically occurs in the middle of the cycle, and is when the ovary releases a mature egg to the uterus, where it will either be fertilized or dissolve. The body tends to feel lethargic during this phase, but it’s also when many people tend to be their most social.
Luteal Phase
After ovulation, the remainder of the follicle turns into a mass of cells called corpus luteum that acts to thicken the uterine lining. If there’s no pregnancy, the corpus luteum dissolves, causing a drop in hormones that will lead to the start of your period as well as PMS symptoms.