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The Four Types Of Extroverts Explained
Extroverts Vs. Introverts
Extroversion and introversion are all about how you internally process social interaction. Introverts feel drained by social situations while extroverts feel invigorated by them. However, extroversion isn't a one-size-fits-all designation; there are actually 4 different types.
Extroverted Sensors
Extroverted sensors are attuned to their environment and tend to live in the moment. Driven by novelty and new experiences, they thrive on stimulation and enjoy activities that trigger a visceral reaction and engage their five senses.
Extroverted Feelers
Extroverted feelers probably come the closest to our stereotypical idea of extroversion. Their energy levels are connected to emotion; in social settings they make sure everyone is having fun and getting along, using compassion and perception to keep things flowing smoothly.
Extroverted Intuitives
Powered by the excitement of pure ideas, extroverted intuition bridges the gap between the external and internal world. Drawing their energy from possibility they always have one eye planted firmly on the future.
Extroverted Thinkers
Extroverted thinkers get their energy from progress and social standing. They are goal-oriented movers and shakers that need to be around other people as a gauge of their own status, and they like crossing tasks off their list and getting things done.