The Fun Way February's Snow Moon Connects To Valentine's Day
Per NASA, Snow Moon is the nickname for February's full moon, which typically appears during the final snowy stretch of winter, and in 2023, it will appear on Sunday, February 5. Like any full moon, the Snow Moon can trigger a range of emotions, including some strong gut feelings about love and passion, which might in turn affect your Valentine’s Day plans.
February’s Snow Moon is in Leo, a sign known for being dramatic, proud, and full of desire. Don’t be surprised if you feel the courage to shoot your shot with a love interest, as astrologer Liz Simmons says, “Collective positivity will be boosted by this full moon, so we may feel inspired to share the love.”
Simmons adds that “the snow moon is the time to turn within to reflect” on past relationship weak spots and to determine how to go about your future relationships. Astrologer Kyle Thomas says this is a great time to tap into your passionate side by journaling your dreams and manifesting the kind of relationship you want before Valentine’s Day arrives.