The Glam Ghoul Aesthetic Is Peak 2023
Gothic Dresses
The most natural choice with the glam ghoul aesthetic would be to channel a gothic look that’s perfect for a night out, and many people seem to have taken their fashion cues in this direction. We love this chic gothic dress, particularly the sheer fabric over the sleeves and neckline.
Trendy Corsets
Corsets have seen a resurgence in popularity, and they double as an excellent piece to get in on the glam ghoul aesthetic for yourself. Here, we've shown an Instagram user's sportier take on a corset — pairing it with trousers, rather than a dress or a skirt, for a more casual ensemble.
Witchy Pointed Boots
Though they might not be as practical to wear in inclement weather conditions, wearing a pair of pointed-toe boots is an easy way to add a glamorous yet gothic touch to your next outfit. Whether you opt for a high stiletto heel or something chunkier, you'll be ready for action.
Risqué Harnesses
While it might not be suitable for all occasions, body harnesses — like corsets — have become more mainstream in the fashion world. They also happen to be an excellent way to add a gothic touch to your outfit, as we've shown with this Instagram user's harness worn over a mini dress.
Ghoulish Dark Academia
If you're looking for a preppy take on the glam ghoul aesthetic, you might want to incorporate it with an academic style. We’re obsessed with this Wednesday Addams-inspired dress with a button-down front that gives a glamorous edge to an otherwise simple garment.