Young couple posing against a bright yellow background, the woman is standing behind the seated man rolling her eyes.
The Hardballing Dating Trend Lets You Be The Boss Of Your Love Life
The Hardballing Trend
The Gen Z-approved trend known as "hardballing," is causing a divide between those who find it impressive, and those who think it's brutal. There is still space for romance, mistakes, and awkward moments with this trend but it applies a stronger filter to the people you will experience those things with.
How to Hardball Effectively
The most effective way to implement this trend is by following three steps, and the first making a detailed like of everything you want and need in a relationship, including your non-negotiables. The next step is making these non-negotiables clear to your date and finally, cutting off anyone who doesn’t meet your expectations.
Who Should Hardball?
The people who are best suited to this trend are those who know exactly what they want, are sick of wasting time on relationships that go nowhere, and feel like they can never seem to attract the kind of person they want. Harballing may not be the best for those who are still exploring and figuring things out.